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Used Books

Book Donations

When you donate your gently used books to The Kneady Cat, we donate the profits from the book sales to local animal rescues. So bring in those books you've read and help save some animals! (Please see criteria below.)

Book Donation Criteria

Because we are a small space with no storage, please use the following criteria to determine if we can accept your book donation.

  - Novels and biographies published within the last 10 years

  - Cookbooks, sports, self-help, and other miscellaneous books published within the last 10 years

  - All children's and young adult books accepted

  - All "classics" accepted

  - "Vintage" books (early-mid 1900's or older)

  - No textbooks or magazines please

Donations may be brought to the store anytime during normal business hours.

If you are unsure about a book meeting the criteria, please bring it by and we will take a look!

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